Being a book🐛 (that’s supposed to be a worm) and just finished both of these amazing books

caroline n. bloomington, indiana may, 2014
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Oh my lovely sisters, lover,
Mother and Daughter,
they want to bleach you Out
of existence. Perm your
Hair until you are
permanently Disfigure.

They want to mold you into
The ideal beauty. Something
That doesn’t scare these good
White folks.

I never had to pull the race card
Because America is color coded
Her favorite past time
is White supremacist.

No man or woman ever knows
anything unless he/she is educated by
The white man, speaks his
Language, and assimilate to
His culture. Represent the ideal
which he desires.

Mental-cide, Gene-ocide
Culture-cide and Infanti-cide
Are the rules some follow
To subjugate, annihilate
Impose and stupidify a whole
Group of people.

Dark as I am, I was made from
The same particles that created the
stars. No human, is more significant
Than I am, because of his/her skin hue.
I am beautiful as long as I am willing to
Accept myself. For, no one, can truly
appreciate my beauty, unless I find it necessary
to accept my wholesomeness.

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Charles Worth gown for Mami Wata - Diasporan goddess of Beauty (one of the water spirits)

Haider Ackermann S/S 2013